A quickie blurb from the Spanish ‘burb


I’ve just gotten married (surprise! – no, really, surprise! – we had a 7 week engagement before happily tying the knot in front of loved ones who weren’t entirely convinced I wasn’t pregnant).  After the wedding, I made the “big and final” move to Spain, and soon after began a Master’s program in Specialized Translation at la Universidad de Córdoba.



The life lessons I’ve learned from these three things are, respectively:

1. That you can plan a beautiful, international, on-a-budget, summer wedding in just 7 weeks! (Though you might not recognize yourself as the decent person you usually are).

2. A 12+ hour transatlantic flight is no fun when you fly with an airline that does not install televisions on the back of every seat. It basically means you will end up falling asleep on some Norwegian guy’s shoulder and effectively drool onto his cashmere sweater.

4. Should you ever decide to throw yourself into a Master’s program abroad and the program is not in your native tongue, you best be damn passionate about it because it might just ruin your academic self-esteem and dreams of being able to write a smashing thesis.

With that being said, am I happy? Yes, definitely. Am I still experiencing quarter-life crisis symptoms? Yes and no; I am living my life and figuring things out as I go along (like what the boonies I’m going to do about this Master’s program I’ve thrown myself into).  I’m also excited about Christmas Iberian ham, mmmmm.



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