A Sevillan weekend.

On a last-minute plan to break out of our work-study routine, D-Man and I  decided to whisk ourselves away for a few days en Sevilla.

We reserved a cozy attic apartment in the city, tossed clean clothes in our suitcase, dropped the pup off with my suegra and high-tailed it out of provincial life.

Two hours later we were stretching our legs and soaking in the sights of one of my favorite cities. Sevilla never ceases to make me love it with its tiny cobble-stoned streets, lazing river, gorgeous architecture and great memories.  It’s in this enchanting city that my entire Spanish experience began over three years ago, and where I finally found myself fulfilling my dreams of living abroad.

D-Man’s choice: Pulpo a la Gallega, or Galician-style octopus.

Enthusiastic about our fresh change of scenery, D-Man and I headed for el río Guadalquivir and spent an hour basking in the winter sun and fiddling with our new camera before deciding we were hungry enough to cross the bridge over to Triana, where we settled for Cruzcampos and tapas.

Post-lunch tipsiness drowsiness called for a proper siesta, and like the good Spaniards that we are, we managed to toddle back across the bridge toward our comfy piso ático for some R&R.  On the way there, we couldn’t help but revel in our new surroundings and the unexpected lightness that came with it.  Ahh, city love!

When we awoke, this gorgeous view of La Giralda and the Cathedral was sitting just outside our terrace.  How can you resist walking out into such a beautiful night?  We didn’t, and blatantly made it our duty to roam the city in search of sights, street musicians and quaint tapa bars til the wee hours of morning.  Ahh, Sevilla, you have stolen my heart yet again!


10 thoughts on “A Sevillan weekend.

  1. Michi, great story! You really succeeded in convincing me to visit Sevilla!
    You got me excited about the city, the more I approached the end of your post. I would suggest the people of Sevilla take your story as city promotion.

    Also great thanks for mentioning my blog in your Cool Beans list! I see some great blogs in that list, guess we share some common travel interests!

    • Southern Spain is definitely worth visiting! Granada is another top favorite city of mine.

      I found a couple of those great reads via your FB site – thank YOU for being a cool bean!

  2. Omg Michi! I love your writing, sooooo inspirational…very descriptive! I love how simply put the story sounds, but for peoples like myself, this trip/getaway would be a biiiiig deal! haha.
    Now that I spend every day working here in good ol’ Santa Barbara, CA I really wish I were somewhere else, like, say, Sevilla!

  3. Great post. Went to Seville last weekend and have completely fallen in love with the place! It has gone straight in and entered my top 3 cities in Europe! Great place.

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