Amor a la Española

I just won CIEE’s 2011 LOVE contest!

Click on the link below to read our story.

Amor a la Española



15 thoughts on “Amor a la Española

  1. OMG… I love it!!!! and you won!!!?… Not surprised… I had a tear in my eye Michelle… not only because your story is tender, true and so heart warming… but because your words share that pure sweetness that you’ve always had in your heart!

    I love you so much… congratulations on winning!!!! :-)

  2. Hi from South Africa. Congrats on winning, you deserve it :) I think your story is one that most of us wish for. I would love to live and work in Spain… who knows perhaps one day…

    • Wow!! South Africa! Thank you for the compliment. :) If you’d like information about living or working abroad, check out the CIEE link provided in the post! Their organization has grown tremendously!

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