Traveling Quirks

One of my favorite pastimes while globe-trotting…

Brussels, Belgium


…began a few years ago…


Aachen, Germany

…when I traveled with my Belgian friend and her family to Germany.


In Germany with Kímica and her mom.


Ever since, it’s become a sort of traveling quirk.

Paris, France


And if you’ve ever been my travel buddy, you might have found yourself in similar shoes:


Hollywood, California


But if you can get over the embarrassment of looking like an idiot in public…


Dublin, Ireland


…it’s fun times!!


Glasgow, Scotland


So here are just a few…




…of the places…


Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria


…we’ve gotten quirky!


Salzburg, Austria

Chicago, Illinois


Tikal, Guatemala


San Francisco, California


Las Vegas, Nevada


Monterosso, Italy


Florence, Italy


What are YOUR traveling quirks?


103 thoughts on “Traveling Quirks

  1. Ingenious! haha I am very careful when doing these things because I don’t want to look immature or have people misconstrue what it I am doing. You guys did amazing! It’s so funny:D Plus, I usually only take pictures with no people in it. But seeing this, it is more memorable when your friends are being silly:) Great job!

  2. heyy Congratulations! i like i very much.. if you want you can see my blog .
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  3. I think it’s necessary to mimic statues and/or pictures wherever you go. It’s just fun. One that pops to mind is of me posing with a statue at an art gallery in Chicago. I want to share it but I couldn’t get on my own computer today where it’s safely kept. Great pictures though! I’m jealous of all of your travelling :)

  4. Glad to find that I’m not the only one!! :) The pose in Chicago, Illinois is my personal favorite. SO CUTE!!!

  5. OMG… I love this post. I haven’t gone on much vacations as an adult, but while your medium is posing as random statues, I hope to record random videos of stupidity and bad decisions.

  6. These are so funny! Love it!
    I’m racking my brains, but I can’t seem to think that I have a traveling quirk (hoarding souvenirs maybe?). :-/ Oh well, I’ll keep thinking about it.
    Congratz on being FP!

  7. this is awesome and made me laugh. if you get a chance, do visit the ju ming museum in taiwan and check out his taiji sculptures~

  8. Fun copy poses. I do that sometimes if I’m out with friends that are flamboyant types. Your Glasgow one stands out for me. We have some funny statues here in Australia, occasionally even human ones.

  9. Love the poses! Awesome. I think I need to try that more often. It definitely makes for a more interesting travel album.

    Personal quirk: I HAVE to get lost. It drives all my travel buddies nuts. I just never feel like I’ve really experienced a place until I’ve wandered off and can’t remember the route back.

  10. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing… although it makes my travel bug bite a little harder… I am itching to go somewhere, anywhere soon… My passport is taunting me, I had to get a new one, my old one expired… and It NEEDS a stamp in it.

  11. Woohoo, Freshly Pressed! Congrats.
    I just congratulated you on your birthday as well, what a weekend it must be for you. Well-deserved!

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