Little Town, Full of Little People…

Since I’ve written so much about the Andalusian town D-Man and I are currently living in, I’ve decided to show you some of my favorite things about living here using a few of the photos I was able to take last week.

I hope you’ll enjoy.


#1. Taking Tessa out for sunny evening walks.


#2. Countryside houses.


#3. Charming musicians.


#4. These funny guys.


#5. Old paths.


#6. The nighttime view from the foot of the mountains.



What are your favorite things about where you’re  living?


32 thoughts on “Little Town, Full of Little People…

  1. Oh, wow! These are fantastic photos. Each one seems to tell a story (I especially like the charming musician). Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of your life.

    I’ve lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1982, and my favorite things are the lake front (Lake Michigan), the art museum, the amazing county park system, and being within a day trip’s distance of Chicago. :)

    • Ooh, I’ve always wanted to see Lake Michigan! I’ve heard it’s beautiful! And a day trip’s distance to Chicago is very nice! I went to visit one of my old roommates in her hometown near Chicago about a year and a half ago – it’s a beautiful city!

  2. I love your pictures!!! love love love them!! and you know here I love my kids most… but I’ll have to send you some pictures of gorgeous San Francisco to see if thats encouraging enough to have you come back ;-)

  3. Stunning pics as usual, but number 6 has to be my favourite. We’ll be moving from our current home (which we’ve been living in for the past 24 years) to a new place closer to Johannesburg city at the end of this month… so yeah its been quite sad so far. What I like most about where I currently live is the rolling hills around us… and if you walk 500meters to your right from my house, there’s a fenced off Game farm and take a walk at any given time and you’re lucky enough, you’ll see bucks and zebras and ostriches and other wildlife. And approximately 1 kilometer down my road is a small airport. When we were younger and my cousins came to visit during school holidays, we’d stay up all night chatting, then wrap ourselves in our duvet’s / blankets and with a canister of fresh coffee, make our way down the road to the airport to sit in the middle of the open tarmac and watch the sun rise :D

    • Moving away from a beautiful place you love and have so many cherished memories in IS HARD. Thank you for sharing such beautiful descriptions about your home – the rolling hills, the wildlife, and your memories. It makes me want to go visit South Africa more than ever! :)

  4. I love all of them, not only because they are creative, but also because they remind me of a very important part of me: my family on my mother’s side.
    Chile is the place I live in. What I enjoy most of this country is the breathtaking lanscape!

    • Your mother sure grew up in a very beautiful (though sometimes nutty) little town here in Andalucía. :)

      Ever since reading Isabel Allende’s gorgeous descriptions of Chile’s landscapes and her incredible love for this country, I’ve wanted to go and experience it for myself! Someday I will. Chile looks gorgeous in your pictures!

  5. Wow, I just stumbled on your blog from a comment you left on Johnny Vagabond’s site. What a great post, and I really love your pictures, especially the last one and the musician.

    Look forward to reading more!

  6. I live in Tarrytown, NY and love: its scale, history, funky downtown, it’s right on the Hudson River and is so close to Manhattan I can see the Empire State Building from my street — which has deer and raccoon and old stone walls. I have the rural beauty I love but easy, fast access to one of the world’s coolest cities.

    I love your photos. I spent several weeks traveling Andalusia, alone, when I was 20: Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Ronda. I think it’s one of the most amazing places on earth. Lucky you!

  7. I absolutely love London :) Most of the times I just forget about all the beautiful things here… work-home-home-work, busy life style… But when I have visitors over and take them on a tour around London, I am amazed over and over again how maginificent the city is! :)

  8. You live in a really beautiful place, it’s much prettier than where I live, in the suburbs, although we do have a big garden. I love the stone walls, and especially the stunning night-time shot. What a big sky By the way, what’s the accordion player like – is he a charming chap?

    • The accordion player is very humble and kind, you can find him every so often playing in front of his house by the orchards, usually in the evenings when the sun is about to set, or in the early mornings. :)
      This was the town we lived in while we were in Córdoba. We’re now in Granada, so there will be a Part 2 to this post very soon!

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