Funcionarios, they’re so silly.

A funcionario is a government employee in España. They’re in charge of processing your paperwork and making any legal process a big pain in the butt so that they have something to break the awful monotony of their God-forsaken day.

I end up feeling like throwing myself on the floor and screaming every time I have to go to yet another appointment to get more paperwork processed.

But as of Monday, I’ve officially obtained ‘permanent’ Spanish residency. And I don’t have to go back for another four years. Yay!

Here’s a funny clip (with English subtitles) that pretty much demonstrates “the process”. It’s not too far removed from reality…


16 thoughts on “Funcionarios, they’re so silly.

  1. brilliant video!! and so true. when I returned to the italian immigration office with every single document, with signatures and paid stamps stuck on from a million difft places, the X%# officer made me chase around to get, she looked completely surprised and shocked I was actually able to do it. ( and then reluctantly gave me my permesso). (believe me, it was ridiculous what I had to do). congrats! I completely understand the victory you must feel.
    also, is there any date you want to post by? I cant promise soon but I imagine sometime in july…

    • Hi, thanks! I believe that it WAS ridiculous what you had to do to finally get your permesso – sometimes I can’t help but think that it’s a huge game for them! I mean, I kind of understand, who wouldn’t be miserable having to process paperwork all day? But seriously…they really manage to show people just how anti-foreigner they can be.
      July would be ideal, but feel free to take your time to get a good feel for the post. I’ll post it whenever you send it on by. Thanks, Monique! :)

  2. Whoop whoop!!! ;-)

    That video is funny, thank you for sharing it… and now you know in case in four years you choose to go in again, take your entire life’s worth case of documents, with their copies and office supplies! ;-)

  3. WHOOP WHOOP! That’s great! Congratulations! I am thinking of getting an English one, but the whole process is so long and difficult. There is a test you have to take with silly and extremely difficult questions, which even English themselves, can not answer :)

    • I can only imagine! They have a similar process in the States that you have to study really hard for. If there is no rush, take your time, enjoy your stay in England and appreciate the bond you have with Charlie. Hopefully, in D-Man’s case, he won’t have to go through such an arduous process (should we ever decide to move back to the States) since we’re married, but you never know.

  4. Brilliant! I can totally relate to this video having lived in Italy for a year and now Germany (and much to my surprise German bureaucracy is far worse than Italian, they are frown-faced No-men here). Congrats on the citizenship, it must be such a relief!

    • “they are frown-faced No-men” – this had me cracking up! I’ve been to Germany three times, so I can imagine their reactions. I wonder if all of the “funcionarios” from all over the world get together and have conferences where they come up with pain-in-the-butt ideas and practice awful bureaucratic behaviors.

  5. Haha! That was hilarious. Enjoyed. Congrats on your citizenship.

    This is actually how I felt trying to get into the University Of California San Diego…the test, the paperwork, the forms, crazyness….

    • OMG. The application to get into the UCs are such a long and arduous process! I applied for and attended a UC, and the paperwork does get pretty insane. Hang in there!!

  6. Haha! I think most gov institutions are crap when it comes to service… just some are less crap then others :) Here in SA, its all a gamble… sometimes you’re really lucky and all your paper work gets processed with no problems and in the allocated time… then there are days when you loose and you’ll find yourself fighting with officials for up to a year to get your stuff in order…

    When I lived in London, service was much faster but no less frustrating. I had to get a job see, but they don’t give you jobs if you don’t have a bank account… and I initially couldn’t get a bank account because they don’t give you a bank account unless you have proof of residence… and you can’t get proof of residence unless you have a job! So it was a mission really, but it worked out in the end :)

    Congrats on your citizenship!! :D

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