Regular Programming Has Been Interrupted by D-Man’s Tortilla Española.

I was going to try out a recipe I had found in one of the Spanish cook books a Town Mom had given me, when D-Man interfered, blocking my way into the kitchen.

“Are you going to cook for your blog people? Let me be the chef. I will cook a simple recipe.”

Now that’s what every woman wants to hear, right?

I hereby present:

D-Man’s Tortilla Española


D-Man’s tortilla serves about 4 people, and he occasionally throws in extra veggies and (yum) cheese.

For the basic recipe, you’ll need:
6 eggs
2 large potatoes
2 green bellpeppers
1 onion
Olive oil


The potatoes will need a head-start. They’re chopped up into small cubes and left to fry for 15 minutes on medium heat. D-Man adds garlic cloves for flavor.


Then the veggies take their turn, and are chopped up into small pieces and set to fry with the potatoes. Another 15-20 minutes on medium heat should soften them up.

The eggs are then whipped until they’re liquidy.


Once the veggies and potatoes are softened, drain the excess olive oil from the pan, add a bit of salt, and pour the eggs in.


Flipping the tortilla is probably the hardest part (D-Man uses a wide plate to do it), but once you’ve managed it, keep a look-out for that golden brown crisp.


Tortilla Española!


P.S. If you’re not a fan of potatoes, you can easily substitute the potatoes for extra veggies. I personally prefer the combination of cheese and veggies in my tortilla, or caramelized onion and veggies. :)


27 thoughts on “Regular Programming Has Been Interrupted by D-Man’s Tortilla Española.

    • I’m not a fan of eggs either (or potatoes). But the fact that D-Man throws in a few extra ingredients gives it a delicious flavor. I appreciate the tortilla more with cheese melted into it. :)

  1. Hahahaha… D-man is so cute, tell him “your blog-people” approve :D

    Seriously, it looks delicious… and I don’t even eat eggs. That’s what I love about food blogging, everything always looks so delicious. Anyway, good thing it’s early in the morning and I’m not hungry yet otherwise I would have DIED looking at this.

    Out of curiosity… do you guys make or use Vermicelli (ultra-thin strands of pasta) in any of your dishes?

    • I’m not familiar with Vermicelli at all. But I’m sure we could probably find it here. Do you have any awesome recipes in mind for it? :)

      I don’t eat very many eggs either, but D-Man uses it for so many things. Mostly to hold or stick other foods together.

      D-Man says thank you for approving!

    • Yes to milk and sweet things!!! :) I’m excited to hear these recipes!! I’m reminded of a Persian dessert I had once – it consisted of sweet noodles soaked in milk, I think. Either way, I can’t wait to try them! Will you post them on your blog soon? :)

      (P.S. I’ve found that food posts bring in so many more comments and traffic, heheh. Perhaps because it is one of those things we all have in common and love oh-so-much!)

    • That’s the best way to go!! Most restaurants here will serve the same “variety” on their menus over and over again, but a delicious plate of authentic any-kind-of-food is a wonderfully prepared home cooked meal. :)

  2. My very special Spanish friend showed me how she made hers, so I regularly make it and LOVE IT! [so does Gaby and Jaden]. But her version is a tiny bit different, no peppers, and the potato and egg ratio is a bit different; I’ll definitely have to try it this way next time though! YUM! I love it!!! She even adds tiny little white sharp cheddar cheese cubes on top… and yup, you guessed it!… I eat them too. (you may remember I’m not a huge fan of cheese, but cheddar in particular I hate :-( come to find out, I like white cheddar now!) :-) Good job David!! ;-)

    • I LOVE it with cheese, especially with aged cheeses. I usually prefer it without ANY potatoes, but more veggies. To each their own! ;) We’ll all have to get together and make our various versions of tortilla española next time I’m in the Bay. :)

  3. The tortilla looks extremely attractive! I’d like to try one. What can I put there in place of potatoes (as I prefer not to eat eggs and potatoes together)?

    • Olga, I’m not a huge potatoes-and-eggs-together fan either! When I make my own version of tortilla española, it usually comes out as a “tortilla francesa”, which is to say, a sort of omelette. While beating the eggs, I usually add oregano (dried or fresh), a dash of salt, and a bit of aged cheese. It’s delicious! When I feel like having more ingredients thrown in, I’ll most likely just chop up a bell pepper or add a small amount of spinach. Try these versions out, let me know how you like them! :)

      • Yes, I also like cheese omelette. By the way, you reminded me that I haven’t cooked it for ages – am going to improve one of these days. As to your variation with pepper (didn’t know you call it “bell pepper” – is it because it looks like a bell?) and spinach, I’ll certainly try it out. Thanks, Michi!

  4. I have a tortilla on my blog of recipes. It took me a while to learn to flip it without a mess! But we always have it around Christmas when the kids are all home. We lived in Andalusia in the 80’s & 90’s.

    • The flipping part is definitely the most difficult, I still get a bit of a mess going. D-Man recently made tortilla with caramelized onions – you should give it a try, it’s delicious!

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