Soaking Up Sun and Snow in Granada’s Sierra Nevada

Unless you count belly-sliding down a mountain of fresh snow (and getting snow in all sorts of wrong places) a sport, I wouldn’t really consider myself an athletic snow person.


But athletic or not, the Sierra Nevada is the go-to place for frolicking about in Granada’s snowfall. Known for its choice of snow sports, spas, resorts, and family-friendly environment, the Sierra Nevada is a popular destination for many a European.


Except for maybe D-Man and me. We kind of like to get away from all of…this.

I adore walking through the main square and listening to different languages being spoken, breathing in the smell of croissants from the bakery, and hearing little kids squeal when their parents get them tiny, red sleds for the day – but there’s something nice about staying away from the hustle and bustle.

Avoiding the parking lots and ski slopes by a few kilometers, D-Man usually manages to find a safe spot to park in, and we run out of the car and make a beeline for the snowy woods, where we’re bound to find plenty of snow-covered hills waiting for us and the pup, whom we aren’t allowed to have in the center.


And so, we have our pet-friendly hikes and homemade lunches in quieter parts of the Sierra…

Where do you like to get away from the usual hustle and bustle? ;)


20 thoughts on “Soaking Up Sun and Snow in Granada’s Sierra Nevada

  1. Can you believe I have NEVER been to the Sierra Nevada?! Big Man keeps promising me we´ll go and I think we´ll do as you did and take a picnic and stay away from the crowds. The photos are beautiful – you both look so happy!

    • Oh, you should! The quieter parts of the Sierra are really nice, especially in the wooded areas. You get a lot of sun there, too, so it’s not that cold. :)

    • We definitely prefer staying away from the crowds, especially when we want to enjoy something like the beach or snow! I understand skiers having to head out to the public slopes though.

  2. belly-sliding down is cool, but i doubt what kinda coat would be perfect for that, lool.
    p.s. i love your pose, as always ;)

    • I’ve never tried it! I’ve considered cross-country skiing because someone once told me it was like walking on skis (but only as long you stay on flat terrain). But snow shoe hiking sounds terrific!!! It would allow for hiking, running, walking, what-have-you. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks, Len. ;)

  3. if it’s as crowded as our sierra nevada (lake tahoe) mntns, it’s a good thing you found a quiet place to have fun! I can’t stand going up to the snow anymore on the weekends – too crowded. reserve it for a weekday when a bit less crowded! glad you found some space – and fun pics!

    • Oh, it’s definitely crowded, but not as crowded as Tahoe! (God, I LOVE Tahoe). Tahoe is a great place to go year-round since it has all of the beautiful lakes, cabins, and woods. I can’t wait to go back someday. :)

  4. Breath-taking photos Michelle! I especially love the last one with all of you in it. Guess where’s my mom right now? Barcelona! With her brother and sister. Some people have all the luck ;)

    • Whaaat? Barcelona?! It’s so cool that your mom and her siblings go on vacation together! Your family seems so wonderfully close. :)

      Thank you, the last one is our favorite too. :)

  5. Awww very cool :) Very cute pictures :D I know what you mean, we always go to places in London where tourist don’t go just because they don’t really know about them! Even when I go back home, the beaches get so ridiculously busy and It’s not my kind of holiday. We have a peaceful place where we can reach the sea with our car and we go there all the time. Not many people go there and I hope this place will stay undiscovered :)

    • I love little nooks and undiscovered places, too. In Santa Barbara, where I used to live, the beaches would get terribly crowded with students and tourists, but my friends and I found peaceful beach nooks over the years that we continued to visit on our days off. I still smile and sigh when I think of those days – we had some of the best conversations and laughs. :)

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