My 7 Super Shots

I’ve been tagged by Lauren from Spanish Sabores, and Hayley from Hayley Comments to participate in the latest photo project from Hostelbookers called 7 Super Shots, so I’ve chosen a few photo favorites that fit each category. Here goes…


1.    A photo that takes my breath away…

Taken at the start of a 4-day backpacking trip through Yosemite National Park, this is an inspirational photo of the trek I did up rocky inclines and waterfalls, alongside rushing rivers, and in snowy woods. I befriended great people along the way, and feel that all of this breath-taking landscape is what some parts of the States must have been like before getting overtaken by cities and urbanizations.


2.    A photo that makes me laugh or smile…


Obviously not taken by me, but of me, this photo always makes me smile. I went skydiving as a birthday gift to myself a couple of years ago, and my parents and little brother drove up the two hours to accompany me. While waiting for me to land, my dad took pictures of all the little dots in the California sky that might be me, my mother literally cried while imagining me splattered all over the ground, and my then 9-year old brother comforted my mom while telepathically reminding me not to puke on the nice guy in charge of the parachute. It was the most fun I’ve had, my cheeks flapping in the high wind and drool whipping past the sides of my face.


3.    A photo that makes me dream…

…of all the places I’d love to someday travel to. (Taken in Flores, Guatemala, 2009).


4.    A photo that makes me think…


The television above proclaims, “All I do is lie.”

Taken during Barcelona’s political protests led by Los Indignados, one of the many reasons for these protests (which took place all over Spain) is that the country currently lies at the bottom of the economic totem pole with unemployment rates at about 25% and overall youth unemployment at 45%, and still rising. This has led to a large percentage of youth leaving the country to find work abroad, referred to in the media as Spain’s ‘brain drain’.

Just four days after I took the above photo, the police broke up the peaceful protests with brutal force and violence that was sure to go down in history books.


5.    A photo that makes my mouth water…

My mother-in-law’s homemade, custard-filled cake slathered in creamy chocolate and topped with whipped meringue. A slice of heaven in your mouth!


6.    A photo that tells a story…

‘Lovers’ Locks’ seem to be found all over bridges and coastal areas in Italy. The tradition, with its speculated origins, especially draws young lovers to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, where sweethearts attach padlocks (with their names inscribed) to the beautiful bridge, afterward throwing the keys into the river – symbolizing an ‘unbreakable’ bond.


7.    My “worthy of National Geographic” shot…

Taken in the small Spanish town that I lived in for 3 years, this older gentleman can occasionally be found playing his accordion by the lettuce and eggplant fields at sunset. His melodies normally begin with happy, upbeat tunes that transform into a slow, musical melancholia as dusk sets in. He always greets the occasional passerby with a polite nod of the head.

Where are your 7 Super Shots? :)


31 thoughts on “My 7 Super Shots

  1. Love the pics! You look so happy skydiving – if I were ever to do it I think my face would be screaming bloody murder :)

    • I was just so happy to finally be able to do it! I had to cancel my first two reservations due to cloudy weather. Would love to see your skydiving face. :)

  2. I love the shots you chose!! and While the dreaming one, the man with the accordion and the Yosemite one are on the top of my list… my number one shot is the one of YOU skydiving! That picture is so you!!! So full of life and laughter and smiles and sweetness even in the moments of a huge fall… its so metaphorically you! :-)

    • Awww, Sandee, I love you. Thank you. That’s the best and most heart-warming description of that photo I’ve ever heard. Your comment really made me smile. :)

    • Every single one?! I think it just means that you’re not meant to be locked down! (Who wants to be?). I think letters wandering around in glass bottles are much more romantic. ;)

  3. love the accordian gentleman. did you ever get to to know his name or chat with him?
    why did I never notice or know anything about the lovers locks on bridges in italy? I’ll be sure to look now. fantastic photos.

    • No, I never found out his name! We did exchange a few words, right before I took his picture, and he gave me a nod afterward when I showed him the photo. I’d love to give him a copy when I see him again. :)

      We saw the lovers’ locks all over the place when we went hiking in Cinque Terre, on the Via dell’Amore (the name alone tells us why there were so many locks there as well!). Definitely keep an eye out for them, there are some bunches that are really hard to miss!

  4. i cant love the 2nd one more, lol.
    p.s. i’m just wondering.. i might have the same shoes as you do in the 6 pic.. even not, they are similar.. ;)

    • Thanks Fiona, it’s one of my favorites, too. :)
      The pair is my favorite! I have two others that are similar as well – in black and in zebra print. They’re soo comfortable and fun to wear. :)

  5. Amazing! Such wonderful shots :) I’d love to try that cake and also sky diving… I always wanted t do it, but I think I would be so scared :) I am not afraid of heights, but it still looks so frightening… :D These are really special moments of your life :D

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