Tea Time & Chocolates en Granada

After weeks of sporadic rainfall, the sky cleared for a while on Sunday. So out we went to enjoy the warm day and browse the outdoor markets of Granada.


Our all-time favorite market stall: Granada’s teas.

Granada’s markets have a wide variety of teas to choose from, and we’ll indulge every so often and fill our kitchen jars with fragrant teas and local honey to make infusions. A few favorites:


Orange Rooibos: a mix of rooibos (South African red tea), with dried orange blossoms.

Orange Rooibos


Té de Granada: a mix of green tea, dried fruits, jasmine, lemon, and azahar (orange tree blossoms).


Dreams of the Alhambra: my absolute favorite, Té Sueños de la Alhambra, is a bright red mix of hibiscus flowers, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, raisins, and occasionally other dried fruits such as strawberries.

Sueños de la Alhambra


And what best to accompany our tea indulgences than a bit of locally-made chocolate?


Sold in a tiny shop near Granada’s cathedral, Abuela Ili’s chocolates are concocted – where else?! – in Pampaneira, Las Alpujarras.


Flavors range from chocolate infused with banana, mocha, orange, raspberry, coconut, mint, caramel, rum & raisins, and mango… to chocolate infused with odd flavors such as mustard seed, chili, and even pepper.


Which locally-made or locally-grown products from your hometown or current location do you enjoy?


35 thoughts on “Tea Time & Chocolates en Granada

    • Thank you! I know, I should post more about Granada, given that I live here! I’ll work on it. :) Yes, the tea is usually served hot, but we’ll add ice in the summer.

  1. Oh what lovely chocolate! Makes me want to hop on a plane right now (yes just for the chocolate LOL!). Nice to see Rooibos featuring there :)

    • The chocolate is delicious!! There are other reasons why you should hop on that plane though… the Alhambra, the tapa culture, Sacromonte, sooooo many reasons!

  2. Wow, what an amazing pictures. Beautiful colours, especially the pimienton one. I believe we see a growing importance of consuming locally available products as prices of transport and raw materials are increasing rapidly. Here in our hometown we have a grocery delivery service who delivers locally grown vegetables to your home. But hey, who’s talking vegetables here, that chocolate looks yummy!!

    • Thanks, Emiel! You’re right, people are starting to catch on about the importance of locally available products and helping out local farmers and businesses. One of the best things I love about living here is all of the readily available local produce! Definitely a huge plus… especially because it’s noticeable in the flavor and quality of the product (hello fresh, local fruits and veggies!).

  3. Love the photos and love that you took me to the chocolate shop this weekend! I know exactly what youŕe talking about! yum!

    • It did… it has! I barely discovered it a handful of weeks ago! It’s super tiny and kind of hidden. If you’re not looking, you can easily miss it. You’ll just have to come to Granada, won’t you? :)

  4. Such a delicious post, yum, I’d love a piece of that chocolate… :) I love loose tea, my mum always sends me lots of different kinds of green and fruity teas from home ;) There is one little shop near the seaside and I always pop in when I am back home :)

    Here in London, almost every Saturday Charlie and I make our way to the local Brockley market, I love it! The local produce is fresh and you can really taste a difference :)

    It became a little tradition and entertainment going to that market :)

    Have a look at some pictures I took at the market :)

    • Thanks for linking back to your post, I love the photos! I didn’t even know you had another blog! I love little weekend traditions like this, especially now that it’s Spring! :)

    • You’ll just have to! Granada’s my favorite city here… I still can’t believe how lucky I am sometimes. And hello, plenty of jamón ibérico here!

  5. Oh, man! I forgot about Suenos de la Alhambra! It’s so delicious and complex and fruity! I brought some of that back home with me, but unfortunately that stash is long gone :(

    There is nothing like some good loose leaf tea, especially with friends, in a teteria. Or with locally sourced chocolate :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, Michi! I love markets and discovering new stuffs like these. I tend to buy too many stuffs though and my husband says that my eyes are far bigger than my stomach when I am let loose in these markets. ;-)

    • I know the feeling, Malou! I usually want to buy everything, but I have to hold myself back and ask, “Okay, do I really NEED this? Will I really use it??” There’s no question about the tea and chocolates, though! ;)

    • I’ve never thought of adding ginger in it! I love boiling ginger root with honey… next time, I’ll definitely add in the rooibos and a few drops of lemon juice. All of these ingredients put together sound phenomenal. :)

  7. What lovely photos. We spent time in Granada many years ago and my biggest regret was not buying more Suenos de la Alhambra tea. It has been impossible to try recreate it here in Tasmania (Australia) and I find that there seems to be so many variations. Yours for example is very red. the one we bought has black tea, bergamot, cinnamon, rose petals and orange blossoms (I think) Is it true that there are many different way to mix the same teas…..and if so, how the devil am I ever going to get the same one????

  8. Awesome photos! I want these teas right now! :) I forgot how much I like proper teas until I saw your pictures. Time to research tea places/markets in London!

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