El Niño de Las Pinturas

When D-Man and I first moved to Granada, we lived in Realejo, the city’s old Jewish quarter. Realejo is located right next to the Alhambra and is one of the oldest barrios in the city.

When strolling through the old cobbled streets and alleyways, we’d often come upon street art by El Niño, Granada’s famous graffiti artist. El Niño de Las Pinturas, or ‘The Child of the Paintings’, has made his art part of Granada’s culture and urban landscape, and is known to incorporate contemplative phrases into each painting. Paintings that can sometimes take up the entire facade of an old wall or building.

As rain and wind wear down El Niño’s older works, new ones will pop up around the city. You just have to look! Here are just some of the paintings we’ve encountered throughout Granada:








“Free game.”

The top part of the (above) painting was covered with a piece of mesh netting when I took this photo, but this is what it looked like a few years ago:

“Who plays with our children?”


A creative sense of humor:





A much older painting:



“Tired of not finding answers, I decided to change my questions.”

I enjoy urban street art like El Niño’s, done with care and a clever imagination. For more paintings by El Niño that have existed throughout Granada over the years, check out Street Art Utopia.


16 thoughts on “El Niño de Las Pinturas

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. Talented people like him always leave me in awe. I’m like “why can’t I draw like that?!?” LOL. I especially like the depth with most drawings. It really is Art.

    “Tired of not finding answers, I decided to change my questions.” – Seems like i need to apply this in my own life.

    Anyway, I’m sure I’d appreciate this if I saw it. We have graffiti too – but nothing on this level, or rather, nothing I’ve seen on this level ;)

    • Me, too! A lot of times I feel there’s an artist inside of me, trying to get out.

      I enjoy the sayings he adds on to his paintings, but some are written in small cursive that’s difficult to decipher unless you are able to stand close and make it out.

      I especially love that El Niño’s focus in his paintings are everyday people. :)

    • I wish I had more photos of his work. I’ve walked by some of his work too many times without a camera on hand… It’s a lovely thing, strolling around and finding a new one you’d never seen before. :)

    • The same thing happened to me at first until I realized the paintings all had similar styles. Then I think D-Man told me about him. I’ve also heard that the ayuntamiento sometimes pays El Niño to paint certain buildings or walls. Pretty cool, huh? :)

  2. I love “El Nino”! When I lived in Granda I was absolutely obsessed and took as many pictures of his work as I could. The last one is my all-time favorite. I’m so glad to see him finally featured on your blog!

    • Wow, it’s always cool to meet someone who knows a foreign city as well as I do. You probably have a plethora of El Niño photos! He is pretty inspirational, isn’t he? I mean, being a graffiti artist isn’t “practical” by any means, but here he is, making a name for himself and (I can only assume) doing it for the love of his art.

    • Some of it is more street arty, but a lot of his paintings are just that – paintings! He paints faces beautifully, and he’s literally using the world as his canvas – his art is out there for everyone to view freely, and allows nature to wear it down with time. It’s kind of humbling.

  3. I enjoyed seeing multiple pieces of his artwork in this post. It’s also cool since you mentioned El Nino when we were exploring together and have a few shots of these two. Do love the liveliness and realness of his artwork!

    • Me too! If only all graffiti could be as awesome and beautiful. :) I actually rediscovered El Niño when you and Jess came to visit a few months ago, and then showed my friends from Florida the paintings, which is when I was able to take a few of these pictures. Like Chica Andaluza above, I had seen the paintings throughout the city, but didn’t know they were all done by El Niño!

    • Me too. From what I’ve heard, el Niño started out painting on city walls as an adolescent/young adult, and his care for art was so impressive, Granada’s city hall and local shop owners began encouraging him to continue rather than reprimand him. I think his current age is somewhere between 30-40 years old.

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