First Camping of the Mediterranean Season

One of our favorite ways of leaving the hustle and bustle of routine and city life is camping out in the mountains or at the beach. Though I’m more of a mountain gal, D-Man and I have done our fair share of beach camping on the Mediterranean coast over the years, from Huelva and Cádiz to Málaga and Almería.

We’ll go during off-season, when there’s less people and we can set up camp for a nicer price. We’ll prepare home-cooked meals in advance, so we won’t have to worry about setting up a campfire or using our little gas stove if we don’t feel like it. Homemade hummus, pasta salads, pre-cooked breaded chicken, and a few liters of homemade sangria work best! ;)


It’s alone time we cherish – an opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other. We’ll keep technology to a bare minimum, go on a few hikes, catch up on our reading, and sometimes just lie down, doze off, and watch the sky.



I hope this is the sort of tradition we’ll pass on to our future children someday – the ability to just get away for a few days without feeling the incessant need to log on, and being happy doing the simplest of activities – coming up with new games, going on a stroll, listening to the wind in the trees, and yes, sometimes even just looking at each other and feeling content with it all.


I even found the scallop shell I’ll use when trekking El Camino de Santiago. ;)

What sort of budget-friendly activities do you do to get away for a while?


38 thoughts on “First Camping of the Mediterranean Season

        • Oooh, beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines (well, I want to visit a lot of places)! It makes sense that they’d use pesos en las Filipinas. Spain used pesos ages upon ages ago, though its most recent coin was la peseta, before the euro came into place in 1999. I enjoy the historical backgrounds to these little factual tidbits. :) Thanks for stopping by, by the way!

          • Well you see Michi, the Philippines used to be a colony of Spain.( And that’s for 300 years) That’s why we love siestas! haha. You’re welcome.

            • That’s what I meant by it making sense. ;) There are lots of similarities between the cultures because of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines – things I’ve learned because I grew up in a Filipino community and am now living in Spain. Let’s see… there’s la merienda (5 o’clock coffee and pastries), la siesta (yay!), plenty of pork dishes (such as tocino, NOT my favorite here), common desserts such as arroz con leche and flan (I prefer Filipino flan over Spanish flan though), and there’s some common vocabulary such as “zapato” and “chocolate”. I’m sure there are so many others – I’d love to spend some time there and learn what they are. :)

              P.S. How long have you lived in the Philippines?? :)

              • That’s terrific!!! I’ll know who to write when I make plans to travel there. :) I’ll hop on over to your blog, I’d like to learn more.

              • Sorry for the late reply Michi but actually while we’re talking about Spain and Philippines, we were celebrating our 114th Independence Day (from Spanish rule) here and I ran off to watch some fireworks display haha. Anyway, I do hope some good winds will take you here in this archipelago

    • Yes, we camped near Maro, and then went to the beach there. I had to laugh, because we kept getting lost on our way to the Cove, trudging around in the hot afternoon sun, and when we finally found it, we were immediately welcomed by a group of hula-hopping, naked hippies. We’re making a day trip out to Nerja sometime in the next couple of weeks, I’ll give you a heads up! ;)

      • Hula hopping naked hippies – how funny! My best buddy and I went hiking on a cold wet day in the UK and we came across a naked rambler. I think we were more shocked by the fact that he could bear the cold than the fact that he was naked apart from some sensible walking boots ;) Look forward to meeting you at some point….

        • Woops! I meant hula-hooping. :)

          Eeek! Maybe the naked hiker was trying to get his body accustomed to extreme temperatures ASAP? I remember having to wear a triple layer of clothes when I was in the UK (wool tights under my pajamas, under my jeans!) – I can’t imagine going about in my birthday suit. ¡Qué fuerte!

  1. You know life’s good when you can feed your dog cherries! It sounds like you had a great trip, for me there’s nothing better than the sound of lapping waves to feel refreshed again :)

    • Oooh, the best part is going to sleep with the sound of softly lapping waves nearby. It’s so peaceful. :)

      Haha, yes, my dog seems to love cherries! I discovered this because I kept throwing the pits on the ground, and she kept picking them up with her teeth to suck on them before spitting them back out, but consumed a significant amount of sand in the process. So I went ahead and gave her entire cherries clean off the stem. My previous puppy was a Chow-Chow, and he also loved cherries and spit out the pits. It’s too cute.

  2. That’s so cool! And home made sangria with fresh fruit sounds so relaxing :D Summers in England aren’t that great for camping :) Charlie and I sometimes like to take a train and go somewhere to a small village outside London or just on the edge of London and just wonder around, pop in to a little cosy coffee shop or a tea room, pop into a pub or just stroll through the fields :)

    • Your day trips outside of London sound quaint and romantic! Wandering into tea shops and pubs, or having a nice stroll out away from town, sounds wonderful. :)

  3. So… basically you brough 2 gallons of Sangria with you and a couple small tupperwares of pasta salad? Sounds like a relaxing vacation indeed! lololol

    • How do you know it was a couple of small tupperwares of pasta salad? Have you seen my tupperware, lady??

      Haha, you know me too well. Actually, I didn’t even bring pasta salad this time around. >:)

  4. you look so good sis :D
    how adorable the last pic is!
    ive never tried tent yet. will do.
    enjoy time over there :)

    • Thank you, Fiona! Sleeping in a tent is quite fun – as long as the weather is just right, of course. :) I hope you’re having fun in Sweden! I have to catch up!

  5. I loved the simplicity of this post and reminder of the simple things in life. It makes me want to go camping and just hear the wind in the trees and the sound of the wavs. This may sound funny considering I’m currently on the road and (yes, enjoying every minute) but there is so much in this post, Michi. I’m so glad you and D-Man got a chance to get away and connect!. It’s the simple things in life that Matter.
    Love that photo of the shell. How perfect for your trip!

    • I feel like it was meant to be!! I really wanted to be able to find my own shell instead of having to buy one at one of the local shops near the route.

      You’re completely right, about the simple things. It’s also what I love most. Though I enjoy exploring new cities, I feel like camping leaves you relaxed and with a clearer mind. Whereas city hopping sometimes makes me feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!

      ¡Oye! Tenemos que irnos de camping juntas en California! There are some awesome spots in NorCal. We could also road trip it to Bryce or Zion Canyon. :)

      • Yes, indeed. I like the sound of us camping or road tripping together. Will see where the road leads us both but hopefully we get to see each other soon : ) Un abrazo fuerte, mi amiga!

  6. You should be feeling waves of green laser beams because this is me being suer envious!! lol
    Gosh what I’d give for summer and a beach and the Med!!
    Great pics as always… and my, there’s one sexy lady on that beach ;)

    • Hahaha, I’ve tried tempting plenty a friend to come camping with me – but my camping isn’t sophisticated enough! (Apparently all I’m lacking is having to hunt my own food). ;) My siblings-in-law, however, are known for bringing the circus to the town when they go camping – massive tents, plenty of kitchenware, and plenty of home comforts. It all depends on what you want out of it!

      I’ve heard Canada has SWEET camping spots. If I ever find myself heading somewhere near Toronto (or wherever you are at the moment) for a weekend of camping, I’ll let you know and we’ll meet up. :)

  7. I love to get away and unplug also. It is good for the soul to take that break from the every day hustle and bustle of life. We are doing just that the end of this month. Off to Canada and camping for a week! Love your beautiful boxer!

    • It really is good for the soul, isn’t it? Oooh, you’ll need to post photos of Canada for us – there are so many beautiful camping sites there. Thank you for the compliment, I’ve really grown to love Boxer dogs, especially our little Tessa. :)

  8. I would go camping if our tent and food supplies would look like yours! I’m intimidated at the moment, but I really want to make try camping as a family. If you know of any amazing places in northern california (that arent super crowded or require a one year in advance reservation sadly…), let me know! I didnt camp much growing up so it’s not super familiar…..altho simplicity is what we seek too…

    • We set up this tent in particular because my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were joining us later that weekend (it fits four people very comfortably). There are two little compartments on each side, with a “living” area in the middle that we actually just use for getting dressed and storing our things – water, food, backpacks. You can easily go to a sports store and shop for your ideal family tent, though – some are easier to set up than others, and others have different layouts. I’ve seen some families buy little tents – one for the parents, and another for the children – and set them up facing each other, especially if their children are younger.

      Camping in California is such a hassle in that aspect. I was telling David about how most places need to be reserved months, sometimes even a year, in advance. BUT, there are plenty of exceptions. :) There’s Yosemite Creek Campground, which doesn’t require any reservations. Tahoe of course has some great camping (some sites are nicer than others, you’ll get what you pay for – the West side is more expensive I’ve heard, whereas Southern Tahoe might be more budget friendly). The Redding and Santa Cruz areas have some great spots as well. has an article about last minute camping spots in NorCal if you’re up for giving it a try this summer! ;)

      And if that doesn’t work, I’ve heard Oregon is also great for camping (very gorgeous and very green). I hope this helps! I think I was about 9 or 10 yrs old the first time I went camping with my family, and we started going every year after that. It was spectacular, and something I kept up throughout college with my friends, and now with D-Man. I’m sure you and your family will love it.

  9. I prefer the mountains, too, but the description of your relaxing getaway makes me want to buy a ticket to the nearest beach.

    When will you be hiking the camino? We can really expect mountain-woman photos, then!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cassandra! I hope you’re doing well. I don’t have exact dates for the Camino yet, but so far it looks like I’ll be going sometime in mid to late August – it’s going to be very hot!! There will be plenty of mountain photos, and all sorts of other landscapes, I’m sure! :)

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