From Northern Ireland to Cambridgeshire

D-Man and I spent 7 months in Northern Ireland, and our time there was memorable in a lot of little ways that have added up to one big experience.

For starters, we rang in the New Year at the Duke of York. We ate crispy pork belly at Made in Belfast, and had the best seafood at Mourne’s.



We road tripped it to Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede…




…and did our fair share of hikes in Northern Ireland’s gorgeous, green landscapes.




I was interviewed by BBC Radio in Derry about walking the Camino.



D-Man developed a Belfast twang, and a professor at Queen’s told me my writing was too internalized (like a knife to my belly).



But I recovered, got my Irish dancing on,…



…and scoped the city for Game of Throne actors, like a true L.A. lady.



As much as we loved and learned from our experiences, we needed to move on. D-Man was getting antsy and felt there was something better for us out there, at least in terms of work. So he made a few calls, did another set of interviews, and announced that we were moving to England.



Hopping on our third ferry ride.






Interestingly enough, we’ve ended up living right by the river.

In Granada, we lived by el Río Genil, in Northern Ireland we lived by the beautiful River Lagan, and now we’re living by the River Cam. It hasn’t been anything intentional on our part, so I joked with D-Man about how maybe we’re meant to live by all sorts of rivers around the world. He raised an eyebrow, probably because we’ve moved house way too many times these past couple of years to think of moving again.



24 thoughts on “From Northern Ireland to Cambridgeshire

    • I know, I know, I lost my blogging mojo and just threw in the towel and retreated into my shell with my regular ol’ pen and journal and it just feels so much safer than putting it all out here…. but then I really started to miss people and feedback…and well, I’m back again! :) I’ll stay on the horse as best I can this time. Though it’d really help if my favorite bloggy friend came back. Remember college?

    • No, I wouldn’t say it was a windy place…though sometimes there would be wind AND rain at the same time! But only sometimes. I’d say it’s mostly just rainy. But that’s what makes it so green. :)

    • Thank you, Amelie! I’m enjoying the new layout as well, a bit more visual to suit my taste :). And yes, a lot of moving going on lately…whew. I’m hoping we’ll settle down and nestle in for a while here!

  1. Heh. I’ve also unintentionally been living near rivers all my life. I would really miss it if I were to move somewhere far from water. Good luck with the new start!

    • Thankfully the world is full of rivers and water, so there’s a lot of leeway for finding somewhere to live! :) I’d love to live by a lake someday… thank you for the well wishes. And another huge congratulations on finishing your PhD thesis!

  2. Beautiful images from N. Ireland. I love the green and those cliffs.
    I also love living by the river.
    I can’t believe you’re in Cambridge. What a beautiful, quaint place to call home. I loved the bit of time I spent there but it was many years ago. May have to change that and meet you one of these days. :)

    • Jenna, definitely. You and your family are always welcome at our home! It’s a very child-friendly city as well, which I really love (you know, should I have any in the future). You’ll see moms toting their kids on their bikes everywhere, and there are many child-oriented activities and events here. A lot of great museums too!

      N. Ireland has the most gorgeous cliffs and natural landscapes I’ve ever seen – it was breathtaking. Cambridge, on the other hand, is very flat! We’ve gone hiking here as well, and there’s absolutely no incline! But it’s a great place to further develop my EFL teaching career, and for D-Man to continue his nursing and alternative therapy profession.

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